We offer Photogrammetry system “PhotoCalc” to a lot of companies of various business categories in Japan mainly. We hope to use our developed software worldwide in the near future.


1.Sales engineer
(Location: Kobe or Tokyo)

Sales of line of business including softwares and many measurement system, and consulting for our customer.
Meetings and trainings with foreign partners

2.System engineer
(Location: Kobe (work in foreign countries negotiable)

Development of 3d laser measurement and photogrammetric system
*OpenCV experience desirable
(Example) Development of 3d graphical software, 3d laser measurement, image processing system and softwares

3.Part time
(Location: Kobe)

System development, data processing

Working terms and conditions

  • Five-day work basis(more than 110 holidays a year), 7.5 hours a day
  • Social insurance available
  • Quarters if you are foreigners or live in remote area
  • Salary negotiable

ITTC’s attraction

  • We always contact foreigners so both sales person and engineers will have many chances to travel abroad.
  • You can not only obtain globally high level technologies but also get acquainted with many people and cultures.

Desirable character


Willingness, yes Willingness comes first. That kind of person are very welcome.

Genuine internship participants are now wanted.
We develop app using AI technologies.
Those whoo want real feedback, feel free to contact us.


Those who meet the following conditions, we welcome you from every country at any age.

  • Those who think things from different point of view, conceive ideas that others cannot occur, and can do the ideas by yourself
  • Those who stick with their own belief and keep on going in line with it
  • Those who have great concentration and great breakthrough and aggressivity power to overcome challenges


Please contact us for more details. We keep your application in secret.
Contact us by phone (+81-78-271-6055) or email.