Photogrammetric software [iWitnessPRO] produces 3d model with colored texture fully automatically.
You do not have to place coded target you used to use in old photogrammetric system.

The procedure is just to take a few or dozens of images by off-the-shelf camera and then to import images into iWitnessPRO and finally to input a known scale.
iWitnessPRO automatically detect characteristic points and search (match) the same point from other images and finally create 3d point in 3d space. There is no need to prepare other things.
The result is point cloud(.las) and mesh(.ply) and both data are colored.
These data can be edited in softwares like Align 3d.
Almost all camera can be used for iWitnessPRO.

Product feature

  • Lower cost than other photogrammetric software and almost all camera can be used
  • Easy to use and high accuracy (more and more images will result in stable accuracy)
  • You can choose measurement mode; manual, semi-automatic, fully-automatic measurement, depending on the circumstances
  • Minimum regulation of traffic
  • You can measure anytime unless you discard images.

Product application sample

  • 3d model construction of buildings
  • 3d model construction of room
  • 3d ground form model (images are taken from drone)
  • Combined use with DJI FlightPlannner ( )

Application sample

Ground form

General 3d measurement

Traffic accident

3d measurement of traffic accident scene