We have started football tracking data generation servise.

We have started movie analyzation service of football games.
Just send movies taken by off-the-shelf camera, then we measure player’s position and football movement and generate tracking information.
Set your cameras with tripods and take movies from a high position, and we can analyze movies.

Measurement of player’s movement from football match videos

Our own technology enabled football player’s tracking.
The software can measure player’s position from movies taken from ground. You can use your own cameras.
It can distinguish your team, opponents, keepers, referees and ball.
In sample movies, these differences(team, keepers, and referees) are shown in colors.
You can also understand one player’s movemant, player’s position against each ball position, and your team formation against opponent’s movements and etc.
And,It calculate total running distance of all players.
This technology can be available in varietiers of sports; not only football but basketball, valleyball and rugby.

This software analyzes videos and displays the tracking information including player’s number and team in a football field image.
It also displays football position, so you can accurately understand the formation of all the players on the field and defenesive formation against your opponents.

Running distance is calculated and displayed like the following image.