We have released the server system which can create Ortho Image through the internet connection.

Ortho image is the distortion free front view created from the photo.
( see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthophoto ) .

After that, correct image so that it is seen in the front view.

The Ortho image makes user enable to measure the actual length and area of the object.

Also create the virtual object in the correct position of the original image.

It will help the user to know the position of the object virtually.
( the function will be available in next version)

Uploaded Photo Ortho Image

Any camera can be used to take photo image, such as the digital camera, smart phone, tablet PC.

  1. Connect to the server
  2. Input the username and password
  3. Upload the image
  4. Select the method to create Ortho image
  5. Input the parameter value
  6. Calculate the length or area on the Ortho image if needed
  7. Download the Ortho image

To create the Ortho image, select 4 reference points and give the parameter which gives the scale of the photo image. That is everything.

Uploaded Photo       Ortho Image

If you have any question, please contact.
Mail to  :  support@ittc.co.jp

Method of operation