1.Calculate distances in a plane

Width and pitch within a plane parallel to the calibration plate is measured.
Following video shows measurements of rod diameter and pitch.

2.Calculate three dimensions

Even with one view, object height can be calculated. In the video, top and bottom profiles are extracted as circle and then height is calculated from the two circles.

3.Hole measurements

Measurements of hole diameter and distance between hole centers. With using 12M pixel camera, results were as good as CMM (difference was only 25μ).


Calculation of futsal-court area.

5.Front view from angled view

Example of Ortho-rectification.

6.Crack detection

Even very faint crack can be traced and extracted as DXF. Measure is calculated in real size.

7.With laser rangefinder

With the use of laser rangefinder, measurements of far distance or large structures are possible.