Do not you think measurement needs special machines or equipment?
Photogrammetric software ”PhotoCalc+”
needs no laser scanner or calibration plate!


What is PhotoCalc+?

PhotoCalc+ is combination of iWitnessPRO and TwoView. It is our new product which is much more useful and convenient than the traditional photogrammetric software.

There are three big features.

  • Epoch-making photogrammetric system which needs no targets
  • Calculate camera position and export point cloud and mesh data. All you need to do is to take images.
  • Import camera position information into TwoView, measure distance, and draw figures

Our product”iWitnessPRO” is a photogrammetric software that can generate 3d point cloud from only images.
You need no scanners as in the past. iWitnessPRO creates 3d point cloud and mesh from many images taken from drone or etc.
Our product “PhotoCalc” measures 3d point from two images. This has some disadvantages such as; measurement area is limited and calibration plate must be placed in all images.
To solve these disadvantages, PhotoCalc+ can now measure without calibration plate by importing camera information produced by iWitnessPRO.

How to use PhotoCalc+

Procedure1) Take images
First take more than 3 images from different angles.
Images field of view must be overlapped.
The more the number of images increases, the more measurement accuracy will increase but it will take more time to calculate in procudure2.

Procedure2) Camera position information calculation (iWitnessPRO)
You can obtain camera position information when you import images in iWitnessPRO and calculate automatically.
After this procedure you can also get point cloud and polygon data.

Procedure3) 3D measurement (processing through TwoView)
You can start measure immediately after importing two images and camera position information you have got from procedure2.
Thus you can save calibration time and this is why TwoView+ is very useful.
What we really want you to know is that you can measure large area with good accuracy.
We are sure that you will be satisfied with our PhotoCalc+.

What you will get from PhotoCalc+

  • Point cloud data
    It will calculate camera position from a few images automatically and create 3d point cloud.
    Point cloud data can be displayed in 3d viewer and you can measure distances and etc.

  • Mesh data
    You can create mesh (3d model) from point cloud.
    Making mesh data will take some time, but you can make and analyze ground form cross section from mesh data.

  • CAD data
    You can create CAD data from TwoView.

  • Measurement result
    You can measure 3d point coordintates.