What is PhotoCalc?

Photogrammetry is a technology that calculates geometric features in photographs. It was developed in Europe more than 100 years ago. Today it is applied to aerophoto-measurements and in many other fields.
In recent years, photogrammetry systems are available for conventional digital cameras and a variety of products are sold in market.
However, most of them require many images for one calculation, which accompanies miscellaneous works (e.g. changing marker positions, etc ) and have been considered not very practical.
Our PhotoCalc, however, can calculate various measures even with one or two pictures. PhotoCalc is easy-to-use, high precision photogrammetry system.

Single View

Calculations from only one picture but various measurements and processes are possible as follows:

1.Distance in a plane e.g. Width, pitch View videos >>
2.Three dimensions e.g. Diameter and height
3.Hole measurements e.g. Holes in a plane
4.Area e.g. Athletic court
5.Front view correction e.g. Ukiyoe painting
6.Crack detection e.g. Crack detection
7.Measurements with laser rangefinder e.g. Extended distance measurement

Two View

Calculations from two views. Unlike stereo-camera, camera position does not need to be fixed. You can arrange angle as you like.

1.General 3D position and dimension measurements View videos >>
2.3D hole measurements
3.Robot teaching e.g. Define teaching positions in the image
4.Measurements with laser rangefinder e.g. Extended distance measurement


Calculations from multiple images. Coded targets (marker) need to be taken with the object. Recommended for complicating shape (i.e. two images are not enough to get complete profile); camera lens distortion correction; camera position calculation (wand calibration).

Photogrammetry system (Precision)

A scale bar (1096mm) is measured from different distances with 400mm reference plate. 10.2M pixel camera is used.

Single View

Distance to object Measure in X Error in X Measure in Y Error in Y
2m 1095.763 -0.237 1096.396 0.396
3m 1095.853 -0.147 1095.672 -0.328
4m 1096.447 0.447 1095.605 -0.395
5m 1095.787 -0.213 1095.812 -0.188

Two View

Distance to object Measure in X Error in X Measure in Y Error in Y Measure in Z Error in Z
2m 1096.552 0.552 1096.981 0.981 1095.470 -0.530
3m 1096.291 0.291 1096.811 0.811 1094.996 -1.004
4m 1096.387 0.387 1095.945 -0.055 1095.327 -0.673
5m 1096.119 0.119 1095.568 -0.432 1095.822 -0.178

Photogrammetry system (Spec and other info)


Single View (from one image)

  • Two dimensional distance measurements (base module)
  • Plane based three dimensional distance measurements (base module)
  • Front view correction from angled view (base module)
  • Hole detection, hole diameter, pitch between holes (optional)
  • Rod diameter, rod to rod pitch for RC structures (optional)

Two View (from two images)

  • Three dimensional distance measurements (base module)
  • Output three dimensional coordinates (base module)
  • Hole detection, hole diameter, pitch between holes (optional)
  • Reference-plate-free measurements: calculate camera position from known reference points (optional)


  • Reference plate is not included in the package: available at additional cost.
  • For better accuracy, camera internal parameters need to be calculated to correct distortion or nodal point deviation, which are inherent to camera lens.
    ITTC offers calibration service and calibration software:
    Calibration service – check in your camera and we will calculate camera parameters for you.
    Calibration software – various camera parameters can be calculated.
  • For extremely large object, please consult with ITTC: ordinary setup (i.e. one reference plate) may not work. Additional references or other methods may be recommended (e.g. calculate camera position in place of reference plate).
  • Single view 3D measurements are available in not all positions/orientations.