It was a dream of the construction engineer to make the periodical 3D Measurement in a easy way with a low cost.
Now it becomes possible by
which is patent registered in Japan!!

What is TwoViewAuto?

It is newly developed automatic calculation version of [TwoView] software.

[TwoView] software can calculate 3D position by Two images which are taken from arbitrary position of the left and the right side.
[TwoView] does not require more than Two images. Unlike other multi image photogrammetry software, which requires coded targets.
The image below shows how to make measurement.
Put the target on the object and set the calibration plate in the middle of the image which is taken from left and right side of the object.


However there are several steps of the procedure which the operator has to do in [TwoView].
[TwoViewAuto] has eliminate these steps completely.
It makes it possible to calculate the 3D coordinate of the target just by reading two images and it is the characteristic point of the software.

Use Case of TwoViewAuto

The automation of 3d coordinates measurement of targets makes the TwoViewAuto possibility infinite!
You can measure the positions or distances of machines and products in many factories, and also monitor the slight movement of important cable and important structure.

[TwoViewAuto] can detect markers on two images automatically and measure these (x, y, z) coordinates. (Two images are taken from two fixed camera.) If you get the coordinates at a regular interval, you can obtain the deviations of marker points.

In short, with [TwoViewAuto] and two fixed camera, automated monitor system will be available !
Initial and operating cost is very low.

Use case for fixed-points deviation measurement


This is just an example.
TwoViewAuto meets many needs and it is customizable!

Specifications and accuracy

Measurement distance About 1.0 to 10.0m (standard)
Composition TwoViewAuto software
Camera (two cameras in fixed-points deviation measurement)
Calibration plate
Import/Export style JPEG / txt,csv,Excel
OS Windows7, Windows10 (not compatible with MacOS)
Language Japanese / English
Accuracy 1/3,000 to 1/10,000 against the object size*
* This depends on camera resolutions