We provide hardware-software centering on 3d measurement and data processing.

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We introduce softwares produced by ITTC.

Two View Server System released

By simply attaching a marker to the point you want to measure on site and uploading two photos to the server, you can automatically measure the 3D coordinates of the marker position and measure the distance between the two points….

New function is added to TwoViewServer.

We want more and more customers to use our stereo 3d measurement server system [TwoViewServer] New function for general users originates from these thoughts. We will introduce measurement using a red-circle-marker-plate. What function is added? TwoViewServer is a revolutionary 3d…

Photogrammetric software iWitnessPRO

Photogrammetric software [iWitnessPRO] produces 3d model with colored texture fully automatically. You do not have to place coded target you used to use in old photogrammetric system. The procedure is just to take a few or dozens of images by off-the-shelf…